The Importance of the #HASHTAG pt.1

#Hashtags have taken over the social media realm. They are being used for important messages like #BLACKLIVESMATTER and not so important thoughts like #BITCHUGUESSEDIT.  Adding that number symbol followed by a phrase can increase the amount of viewers on your tweets. If you use these hashtags correctly it can help you increase your followers on twitter, network, get new costumers for your business and even help you get exposure for your talents.

I currently run a podcast and we decided to use the hashtag #WATLU at the end of our tweets on twitter. We encourage our listeners to do the same to help get the conversation started. I have been studying the way the hashtag has been used for the last month and have notice that it works. A lot of our followers attach that to their tweets and people are starting to question what it means. Questions are always good, especially when they lead to exposure. With the use of the #WATLU hashtag we can invite people to communicate about the show freely and find others who listen or have the same views (or opposing views). That hashtag made it possible for them to find us in a sea of tweets streaming live on their timelines. Use your hashtags wisely, especially when it comes to your budding business. You want your hashtag to attract people (all people) so that you can boost your brand via twitter. 

A good friend of mine sent me an article on Black Twitter (you can find this article in the "Research" section of this website). In the article they discussed the use of hashtags and also the importance of social media. Check out that article and let me know what you think? This is merely a "part one" to this topic of hashtags so stay tuned. 

Use the hashtag #blacktwitterlogic to get a conversation started. Don't be afraid to "hash it out" via twitter.