ALERT: Your Twitter Usage is Low!

According to the Twitter Third Quarter 2014 Results, 284 million people were active users on Twitter and 181 billion viewed the timeline. Looking at the numbers from that report was surprising because I assumed that more people would be on Twitter but not everyone is active in social media but for those who are there are plenty of different ways to use Twitter to your advantage and disadvantage. Here are a some ways that I have seen Twitter used since 2009 on my timeline : 

  • Networking: Building relationships with people who can assist you with your goals, growth as a human being and even help you make new friends with interests that are similar to your own.
  • Advice : You can reach out to people on twitter on subjects where you need a little extra guidance and those who feel like they have something of value to add, can/will. (But beware of those who give advice out of bitterness because they may steer you the wrong way)
  • Branding: Building an image for yourself on social media whether it be professionally or personally can be down via Twitter. Your tweets can determine the growth of your brand depending on what audience you are trying to reach and what you are actually tweeting about. (I will delve deeper into this in a later post)
  • Slandering : Slandering is taking something and making it seem ugly, bad, or down right unacceptable by your standards. Slandering is looked down upon on Twitter. There are people called Trolls, which may not look like a Troll, but provide unneeded commentary in attempt to ruin people's lives and start arguments.
  • Bullying: A subset of slandering but taking it to the level of having your followers join in on making someone or something feel/seem inadequate.
  • Love : Contrary to popular belief twitter can be used to find love. There have been a few stories about love found "On the TL". Don't knock it until you try it.
  • Promotion: Most of twitter followers dread the endless promotion of mixtapes and parties but it is a great way to get your events/music/art or whatever you do out there. The person receiving the unsolicited link may not be happy but someone else may see it, click it and enjoy it.
  • Generating thoughts/ideas: Twitter can be used as a lucrative think tank. Although there is a lot of groupthink happening, you may come across an idea or thought that ignites you. Using twitter as a source to gather ideas and to help get out your ideas may actually be of some assistance to your creative mind.
  • News: When Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, the hashtag #FERGUSON took over the timeline. This was a pivotal moment not only in black twitter but also in news. We were able to witness first hand what was happening in St. Louis, MO. Many news stations could not keep up with the day to day information that was provided on the timeline with riveting tweets of 140 characters, video links and images. Twitter can be used to relay information much faster than turning on your television and waiting for your local news or national news stations to cover the information.
  • Fun: Twitter can be extremely successful in getting you away from your own personal problems and providing you with healthy discourse and laughter.

When used correctly Twitter can add an element of excitement to your life and can also keep you "in the know". Black Twitter is famous for being "in the know" with important information and information that may seem trivial to most but it's still interesting. These are just some of ways that Twitter can be used. I am not a Twitter guru and these options are not the only ones.


Let's get a conversation started!

What do you use Twitter for? Are there any things that should be added to the list? Comment below and use the hashtag #blacktwitterlogic if you want to discuss it even further on Twitter!






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