Hello there!

You have stumbled upon one of my most prized possessions, my personal website. My name is KáLyn Coghill. I am a scholar and digital media professional. 

My passion for education began as a child. I always imaged being in front of a classroom providing insight and information to others. I enjoyed public speaking and playing "school" during the warm summers in Virginia. As I grew up and moved across the country to Sacramento, California I began to harness my love for writing. Poetry was an outlet for me and I used it to help me express myself in ways that served me. Now, I am holding 2 degrees and working double time to become the Beyoncé of Academia. 

My research pushed me to pursue a career as a consultant and communications professional because I wanted to be able to provide practical knowledge in digital spaces in the classroom as it relates to blackness and social media.  

I study black women, coded language, and how it incites violence towards these women in digital spaces. I use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms as a digital archive and tool to decipher coded language that strips black women of their agency. I plan to cultivate programs that revamp safety guidelines and policies in digital spaces and take a further look at how the first amendment works in digital spaces. 


photo cred: @mercizdope